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Important: Please submit an image that is 2500x2500 pixels (square) at 300ppi where the people and/or text is centrally located and at least one inch from the edge.

Processing time is 2-3 business days.

Impressions matter - but so does quality. Back in 2005, Dynamic Discs made our mark with disc golf discs featuring unique designs and dyes that caught the attention of players and drew eyes out on the course. Our current product assortment reflects this mission, with designs you won't find anywhere else and the option to create your own custom DyeMax discs.

Our Custom DyeMax Discs

We offer customization options for putters, midranges, fairway drivers, and distance drivers at 170g+ and higher, covering molds across the Trilogy brands. For that perfect combination of stability and grip, we utilize the following plastics:

  • Dynamic Discs Fuzion starts with our Lucid plastic but then blends in an advanced polymer, resulting in a grippier, non-transparent blend.
  • Latitude 64 Gold builds upon the Opto Line, mixing in an extra polymer for a grippier sensation out on the course.
  • Westside Discs Tournament takes VIP plastic up a level, improving the grip and creating a non-transparent appearance with technical polymers.

You'll select a mold from the dropdown on which you want your design to appear. We then create a DyeMax disc with your own unique design. Contrary to the name, DyeMax itself doesn't use dyes and instead is an advanced, high-quality process that produces a vivid, detailed image right onto your disc. Your design will last, no matter how many times you take your custom disc out onto the course, without the dyes bleeding into the plastic below. Learn more about DyeMax discs.

Disc Color: White  
Weight: 170g+ (unless specified)

We cannot accommodate weight requests for DyeMax discs. Colors may vary slightly.

Art fees may apply if additions are needed to the provided image.  
EDGE LIMIT - Discs with even the slightest dome may cause the design to fade near the edges of the disc as shown above.

If you purchase three or more discs, processing time can take longer.

IMPORTANT: Artwork used on custom DyeMax discs must be your own artwork, or you must have written permission from the artist to use it. We cannot produce copyrighted or trademarked images without the express consent of the owner. This includes sports team logos, comic book characters, and any other images that have a copyright on them. If the DyeMax department has concerns about the origin of submitted art, we may request that the customer source their artwork by sharing original files or artistic process. We will also not accept lewd images or words or any artwork that portrays illegal activity.

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