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Disc Golf Putters

At Dynamic Discs, we have disc golf covered, including all types of discs needed to improve your skills. Whether you're starting out or practicing your shot, we provide a selection of putters suiting everyone from the beginner building up arm speed to the pro wanting to finish their game just right.

What is a Disc Golf Putter?

Among the types of disc golf discs, putters have the thinnest rims and the deepest bodies. These characteristics, in terms of aerodynamics, make them the slowest ones in your arsenal, but they play a crucial role: they're built to handle short, straight shots right into the basket, and their construction prevents them from flying too far off.

Compared to midranges and drivers, a putter has a rounder rim, which comes in handy when aiming at the basket. The design, as well, is built for accuracy: the variables and stability aren't so extreme that, if you miss, you'll be chasing your disc across the green. As such, putters are less likely to skip and have short-range shots mastered.

As a player, especially one out on the green every weekend, you always want to have several putters ready to practice your shot and refine your skills.

Dynamic Discs' Putters

Molded by Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs' putters include the following options:

  • Marshal: The Marshal is characterized by a slim profile and microbead. The result delivers a clean, consistent release with a greater degree of stability.
  • Deputy: Among our putters, the Deputy has built a reputation for its understable, straight flights and faster speeds. Shallower than our other putters, the Deputy provides a better feel for beginners and players with small hands.
  • Judge: Back in 2013, the Judge was named Disc of the Year, and its reputation still stands, thanks to predictable flying, gliding, and shots.
  • Warden: The Warden is our beadless putter, known for a neutral flight, easy release, and a greater degree of glide for making those shots.
  • Guard: The Guard goes the distance with a touch more glide. Yet, it remains a neutral flyer with a deeper profile and beadless rim.

See what suits your game from Dynamic Discs' selection of putters, as well as offerings from Latitude 64and Westside Discs, and get fast, free shipping on your order.