Speed: 5 Glide: 6 Turn: -1 Fade: 0

FUSE is the most versatile midrange driver we have ever made. Period. Co-designed with our pro Jesper Lundmark, it has a stable and predictable flight path up to 300ft, and will hold long anhyzer curves with minimal fade at the end.

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Side Profile

Shots Used For

Straight to slightly understable midrange shots, holding long anhyzers

Detailed Information

Diameter: 21.9 cm
Maximum weight: 181.8 gram
Height: 2.1 cm
Rim depth: 1.3 cm
Inside rim diameter: 19.3 cm
Rim thickness: 1.3 cm
Rim depth/ Diameter ratio: 5.9 %
Rim configuration ratio: 42.50
Flexibility rating: 8.28

PDGA Approval Date


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