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Handeye Supply Co., or HSCo for short, has the same vision as Dynamic Discs: to create quality, well-crafted products for players of all levels, visually enhanced with unique colors and graphics.

About Handeye Supply Co. Discs

Started in 2008, Handeye Supply Co. is the brainchild of Crispin Carrasco, the professional PDGA player and member of the Dynamic Discs teams.

As CEO of Handeye Supply Co., Crispin started the brand with a single goal: to have players express themselves through art. Yet, while HSCo discs can be described as works of art unto themselves, Crispin further views the game as an artform that the graphics on these rather utilitarian discs enhance. As a secondary goal, Crispin seeks to connect players to the game, both through the gear's visuals and the enjoyment they bring while a player's on the course or even practicing in their backyard.

Handeye Supply Co. Products

Like Dynamic Discs, Handeye Supply Co. products fall into two groups: discs and apparel and accessories meant to enhance your everyday life. Artwork provides a degree of fluidity between the two areas.

Dynamic Discs, through Latitude 64, produces Handeye Supply Co. disc golf discs, utilizing the high-quality and premier plastics for which our own brand has developed a reputation. Our own visual technologies, seen on the innovative DyeMax discs, add detail and vividness to their own designs.

By partnering with the Physics of Flight Bureau, Handeye Supply Co. has expanded its product line to include apparel, water bottles, and towels - everything a player needs for a full day on the course.

These items can be purchased individually, or for regular or tournament-level players, a subscription box brings many of these essentials to your door on a monthly basis. Browse all products today through Dynamic Discs and get fast, free shipping on your order, or sign up for a Handeye Supply Co. subscription box for $44.99 per month to keep your gear stocked up for the course.