Dynamic Discs Sponsorship Request

Donation Request

Dynamic Discs has been fortunate enough to be able to have made hundreds of donations and sponsorships to charitable causes around the world. Every charity is important and we at Dynamic Discs applaud you for all of the effort you put into reaching your goals. Being able to help our loyal supporters in their time of need is a key part of our mission within the disc golf family.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for a response from our Sponsorship Coordinator.

Player Sponsorship

Dynamic Discs has different sponsorship goals and views than most disc golf companies. Instead of sending out a couple shirts, hats, and discs to as many players as possible who ask to be sponsored, we want players to become part of the family. We like to ensure that our Team Members are part of something they truly believe in.

For us, the most important thing about you is not how many birdies you can get but, rather, can you represent us well. We feel that Dynamic Discs is more than just the plastic that we sell but a positive attitude towards life and kindness and professionalism when we interact with others. This is the type of player that we are looking for. Someone who loves golf and loves to see new people get involved.

You may be thinking to yourself, "That all sounds great for those team members, but how do I become a team member?" If so, you're in luck - each member of our "Team Team" has shared some advice for you. McCabe says, "There is so much that goes into becoming a team member. At DD, it’s not just about how you perform, but how you carry yourself, your social media presence, and if you run clinics, tournaments, or other events. One big part of the decision for me is seeing what you’re doing now - if you're currently pushing our products and throwing our discs." Cameron added, "I look for a combination of a good attitude, adeptness in playing and/or growing the sport, and ability to evolve as a player and/or ambassador. I especially look for people that want to use their sponsorship to give back to the community." 

A response to your request will be sent out after a thorough review of your application. Thanks in advance.