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Custom DyeMax Discs

Among the trilogy brands, DyeMax discs embody the apex of quality. The visuals connect Dynamic Discs' own background creating uniquely designed discs with the plastic-advancing technologies of Latitude 64. The result feels sturdy, looks incredibly detailed from the get-go, and remains that way a year later.

As such, our custom line is built on the advancements and vivid visuals DyeMax discs provide.

What's Special About DyeMax Discs?

To begin, we don't use traditional dyes, in spite of what the name implies. Instead, we employ an innovative, advanced process that creates bold colors and a high level of detail on one of our premier plastics. You've never seen graphics like this, we guarantee.

The visuals, excluding some light wear around the rim, hold strong through use after use. Even if one of our DyeMax discs is in regular rotation, you won't see the colors bleed into the plastic, which can happen months to a year down the line with other techniques. Instead, the graphics and patterns stay sharp and continue to get attention on the green.

With this process, we use Dynamic Discs Fuzion, Latitude 64 Gold Line, or Westside Discs Tournament plastics for DyeMax discs. These premier compounds provide a significant degree of durability and, infused with new polymers, pair that with excellent grip.

Custom DyeMax Discs

Dynamic Discs' customers regularly seek out unique graphics on advanced- or pro-level plastics. Our custom DyeMax discs take this to the next level. Customers can have their own design added to one of these seriously sturdy and beautiful discs, and we price everything from $29.99.

Here's how it works:

  • Email us your image: Whatever you selected must be at least 750 x 750 pixels for clarity.
  • Any image submitted must be your own: Dynamic Discs will not add a copyrighted or otherwise trademarked image.
  • Select a plastic and mold from the dropdown menu.
  • If ordering for a team or a large group, realize that bulk orders can only feature one plastic and one mold.