What Is DyeMax?

DyeMax is a service that Dynamic Discs uses now to provide the most detailed image that can be put on a disc.

Is It Dye?

No, we liked the name DyeMax and thought that it was suiting. Our custom DyeMax service uses some of the best and most expensive solutions on the market that provide vibrant colors and detail that cannot be matched by traditional custom dyes.

Why DyeMax?

DyeMax provides an impressive image on the disc that will not bleed or migrate in to the plastic. The way that the disc looks on day one will be the same that it looks one year later! If thrown, the disc may show signs of wear. Original custom dyes bleed or migrate in to the plastic over time. Not only does DyeMax last much longer than other custom disc services, the turnaround time is much faster.

What Plastics?

DyeMax is available on Dynamic Discs Fuzion, Latitude 64 Gold, and Westside Discs Tournament. We offer several different molds for each plastic.


Custom DyeMax discs start at $29.99 but can be bought in bulk with different designs/patterns. They don't need to be the same disc mold to receive bulk pricing. Receive our best price by purchasing 36 or more Custom DyeMax discs.


We encourage you to send in your own artwork. You send it in and we will convert your image on to a disc and have it out the door in less than 48 hours (from final payment) in most instances. We recommend the image be at least 1000x1000 pixels at 300 pixels per inch in size to ensure a sharp, finished product.

Currently Available Discs

Distance Drivers

Fairway Drivers
Restock coming soon!

Suspect | Compass


How To Order

We recommend the image you send us be at least 1000x1000 pixels at 300 pixels per inch in size to ensure a sharp, finished product.

Wholesale Pricing

Tournament directors and disc golf clubs who want to utilize this process to create custom discs for their event or company can now do so! Click here to download the order form to get started now.