When it's Dynamic Discs Open week in Emporia, the party is on. The mix of all the participants in the amateur A-Tier (May 2-4) and crowds coming to watch the world's best disc golfers compete in the DGPT (May 3-5) event make the city buzz. 

The week offers tons more than those highlight events, though, and there's so much to do from morning to night – or even the wee hours of the next morning – that disc golfers and non-disc golfers alike have to try to be bored.

A headline for disc golfers in 2024 is that you don't need to be registered for the big events to play in a PDGA tournament in Emporia that week. You can participate in up to seven flex-start C-Tiers across some of the city's many courses from Sunday, April 28 to Saturday, May 4.

But even if competitive play isn't your thing, you'll be sure to find something that is. Whether you're hoping to inspire a group of player pals to book a highlight trip or building the case for an awesome family outing, we've got you covered.

What to Do During the Dynamic Discs Open: Quick Reference

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For Disc Golfers

For Everyone

Drinks & Nightlife

Play Tons of Disc Golf & Check Out New Gear

During the week of the Dynamic Discs Open, you can play multiple tournaments and browse a huge selection of new discs and the latest disc golf accessories. Find out about all the opportunities below.


Seven Flex-Start C-Tiers Open to All


If you love playing competitive disc golf as much as you do watching it, Dynamic Discs Open week in Emporia will help you scratch both itches. There are flex-start C-Tier events throughout, and you can enjoy a PDGA-sanctioned round almost every day.

Just get two to four buddies (cards must have three to five players at all events), register (the earlier the better!), and you can start a tournament round at your convenience within a six-hour window.

Each tournament offers pro division winners payout via PayPal and amateur division winners merch that can be picked up during Dynamic Discs Open festivities.

Here are the dates and times for each event, where to register, and looks at the host courses:

Importantly, "double disc" is not the same as "doubles." Double disc is a singles format where each player throws twice from the tee and plays each lie to completion. Think of it as playing two rounds while walking the course only one time. Finally, your Player B gets its chance to shine!


Mingo Charity Throw: Support Youth Disc Golf, Maybe Win a New Basket

Hole 16 at Champions Landing (formerly Emporia Country Club) is perhaps the most iconic island hole in disc golf. Just after DGPT rounds conclude on Friday, May 3, you have the chance to leave your mark on it.
There will be a CTP contest on the hole from roughly 7 PM to 9 PM that anyone can enter. Every participant gets three throws, and the winner is the one whose disc comes to rest nearest (or maybe even in) the basket. 

The victor takes home a brand new, custom Mingo Recruit practice basket  You just need the ability to throw 315 feet, three discs you don't mind possibly sacrificing to a watery grave, and $10.

All proceeds from this event go toward the Sockibomb Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity that "is committed to growing disc golf into a mainstream recreational activity while also promoting the lifelong benefits of playing the sport." The Foundation has already helped tens of thousands of kids across the U.S. discover disc golf, and donations for the Mingo Charity Throw will help it reach thousands more.

  • 2024 Dynamic Disc Open Mingo Charity Throw
    Friday, May 3 | 7 PM-9 PM | Registration & More Information

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    Are you interested in an up-close look at one of the world's leading disc golf equipment companies? During Dynamic Discs Open week, you can get it by hopping on a tour of Dynamic Discs Headquarters. 

    Learn more about our business, our story, and what it's like to be surrounded by over a quarter million shiny, new discs.

    No registration is necessary to take part in a tour.

    • Dynamic Discs Open Headquarters Tours
      Monday, April 29-Thursday, May 2 | 10 AM & 2PM
      Friday, May 3 | 10 AM only

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    Visit the Dynamic Discs Emporia Pro Shop

    Since it's in the same city as our headquarters, you can rest assured that the Dynamic Discs Emporia Pro Shop is one of the best places you'll ever find to shop for disc golf gear from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. 

    Swing by during Dynamic Discs Open week to fill that hole in your bag, get a few backups, or just browse the extensive inventory. 

  • Dynamic Discs Emporia Pro Shop Hours
    Sunday, April 28 | 9 AM-5 PM
    Monday, April 29-Wednesday, May 1 | 9 AM-6 PM
    Thursday, May 2 | 9 AM-5:30 PM
    Friday, May 3 | 9 AM-8 PM
    Saturday, May 4 | 9 AM-10 PM

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    Fun for the Whole Family

    Even if you're not a disc golfer (yet) or looking for activities to enjoy with little ones, Emporia will have plenty for you during Dynamic Discs Open week. In this section you can find our top picks for family fun.



    Emporia Cinco de Mayo Festival + Dynamic Discs Block Party

    This year two of Emporia's favorite events will merge to create one blowout of a block party. Whether you feel like dancing, playing games, chowing down, or all of the above, you can do it on Saturday, May 4.

    The beloved Cinco de Mayo festival hosted by the Hispanics of Today and Tomorrow will begin at 11 AM and feature food vendors, entertainment, a beer garden, and a jalapeño eating contest. See and taste the joy of cultural heritage.

    At 5 PM, the Dynamic Discs Block Party gets under way on the 800 and 900 blocks. There'll be even more food options, the Dynamic Discs Open Vendor Village, music, games, and – at 7 PM – the world's largest ring of fire putting competition. Pro disc golf fans might even run into a few of their favorite players letting their hair down.

    • Emporia Cinco De Mayo Festival
      11 AM-10 PM | Saturday, May 4 | 600 & 700 Blocks of Commercial Street
    • Dynamic Discs Block Party (incl. Vendor Village)
      5 PM-10 PM | Saturday, May 4 | 800 & 900 Blocks of Commercial Street

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    Family fun at a free zoo

    The David Traylor Zoo of Emporia is home to around 400 animals of 80 different species, and you can visit them in a beautifully-landscaped area for free any day from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.

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    Great Restaurants in Emporia

    While there will be plenty of food vendors at events throughout the week, there are also loads of outstanding permanent restaurants worth visiting in Emporia.

    For brick-oven pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, or options on the more gourmet side after 5 PM, one of our favorite stops is Radius Brewing. We recommend this location even if you're not into beer – and we upgrade Emporia's only microbrewery to a "must try" if you are.

    We also love Union Street Social's offerings, which manage to be simultaneously eclectic and soothingly familiar, all in an atmosphere they themselves describe as "old school steakhouse, mixed with your grandma’s weird basement, with a dash of vintage speakeasy."

    To have a great sit-down Mexican experience, book a table at Casa Ramos. To grab an authentic Mexican meal quickly, visit El Marmol.

    If the vibe and food you like best is Classic American Diner, you'll be in heaven at Do-B's, where burgers, cheesesteaks, po-boys, and wings are the main attractions.

    Finally, what sort of restaurant guide would this be without some quality BBQ on it? Head to BobbyD's Merchant St BBQ for some sensational smokey chow.

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    Maybe you've just gotten into disc golf or are coming with kids who enjoy a quick round on short holes. Emporia and the surrounding area have courses perfect for both beginners and younger players.

    These are the courses with the shortest, most accessible holes in and near Emporia:

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    Great Beer, Spirits, & Nightlife

    Those interested in sampling excellent, locally-made drinks and having fun with other night owls can do it all in Emporia during the Dynamic Discs Open. 

    Local Beer & Spirits

    We've already mentioned Radius Brewing, but in case you missed it, know that it's a microbrewery and restaurant that's the first (and currently only) place to make beer in Emporia since Prohibition. Stop by for a flight, a bite, or both.

    If you want something a bit stronger, there's Trolley House Distillery, which makes its own spirits and uses them to mix up some mean cocktails.

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    Games, Music, & More Until 2 AM at the Bourbon Cowboy

    The hotspot for nightlife in Emporia during Dynamic Discs Open week is the Bourbon Cowboy. It'll offer entertainment ranging from free mini disc golf and pool, to live music, to karaoke, to a mechanical bull.

    Talk with other disc golf junkies, have a few drinks, sing a few songs, and seize the night!

    • Free Mini Disc Golf and Pool
      • Tuesday, April 30-Thursday, May 2 | 6 PM-2 AM
    • Karaoke & Mechanical Bull
      • Friday, May 3 | 9 PM-2 AM
    • Michael B Tipton Band Live
      • Saturday, May 4 | 10 PM-2 AM

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    Even More to Do in Emporia

    Even though we've highlighted oodles of great experiences you can have when you visit Emporia during Dynamic Discs Open week, we haven't covered everything. Check out the full event schedule as well as Visit Emporia's website to find even more reasons you'll regret not joining in on the fun.

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