Custom DyeMax Discs

Custom DyeMax Discs

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Custom DyeMax Discs

Unique, creatively designed disc golf discs remain Dynamic Discs' core product. It's how we got started 15 years ago, and today, in crafting our own line with Latitude 64, we continue to push the envelope with graphics, designs, patterns, and colors and custom options.

Among them are DyeMax discs, which offer some of the most detailed, visually striking, and colorful graphics possible on a disc.

What are DyeMax Discs?

Although the name might throw you off, DyeMax discs are not made with dye. Instead, we utilize some of the most innovative and high-level processes to generates vivid colors and unprecedented details. Traditional dyes don't even come close.

As a player, you know how excess use starts to change the graphic, causing it to bleed or migrate into the plastic. What you see initially with DyeMax discs is ultimately what you still have a year later, with no staining or bleeding into the material. Understand, however, that the rim may show a moderate amount of wear through repeat use.

Today, DyeMax discs are available on Dynamic Discs Fuzion, Latitude 64 Gold, and Westside Discs Tournament materials, across multiple molds. Browse our original standard-size models and mini DyeMax golf discs.

Custom Disc Golf Discs

Dynamic Discs offers customers the option of creating custom DyeMax discs.

Whatever you have in mind, send in your own artwork. From here, we can create your image on a disc and have it mailed out in under 48 hours after your payment is processed. All custom DyeMax discs start from $29.99, and we do bulk orders - ideal for groups and teams.

To get started:

  • Email an image that measures at least 750 x 750 pixels. This resolution allows for a greater degree of clarity.
  • All artwork must be your own and not a trademark or copyrighted image.
  • Select a plastic and size from the dropdown menu.
  • For team and tournament purposes, all discs must use the same mold and size to be processed as a bulk order.