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Thank you for visiting the Sockibomb Foundation Merchandise Collection page. All proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the Sockibomb Foundation. Your support of the foundation allows even more students around the country to experience disc golf!

The foundation’s purpose is to provide both free disc golf equipment and educational programs to new players who would otherwise lack resources and access to attain it, resulting in the many lifelong benefits that the accessible sport provides its participants.

“First Putt” is the foundation’s first Initiative. The mission is to add disc golf to the list of mainstream sports that youth are introduced to. The foundation’s approach focuses on getting resources directly in the hands of physical education teachers. Each school chosen receives a First Putt package containing 50 putters and 1 full-sized portable basket. Through the generosity of supporters, the foundation is able to provide these packages at no cost to the school. The foundation’s cost to reach a single student with the free disc golf equipment is less than 50¢ per student!