Dynamic Discs

Disc Golf LED Light

Color: Blue

Once you develop a love of disc golf (and believe us, this happens very soon), you'll be out on the course, in the park, or even practicing in your yard long past when the sun sets. So, what happens when the darkness decreases visibility? You prepare with the LED Beacon Night Glow.

This set of two disc golf lights is perfect for any night round. Each LED light can be easily taped to your disc for a greater degree of visibility and to fully watch your throw - whether you get close to the basket or it's time to search in the nearby bushes. For easy identification among your set of golf discs, these small, lightweight, bright, and long-lasting ultra-thin LED lights are available in a variety of colors.

Quick Facts:
  • Length: 1.75 inches
  • Width: 0.75 inches
  • Mode: Constant On, Flashing, and Blinking
  • Run Time: 12+ hours