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Dynamic Discs Lucid Vandal

Dynamic Discs Lucid Vandal

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Dynamic Discs Lucid Vandal Fairway Driver

The Vandal flies like a longer Maverick, so it's extremely versatile. Newer players will love the straighter lines they can throw with this driver, and players with more arm speed will enjoy it for easy turnovers or rollers. The Vandal is built to carve up any course with dependable turn and sneaky speed.

Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1.5 Fade: 2

Max Weight: 176g

About Lucid:
The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion version.

Dynamic Discs Team Member Review
"The Vandal will do whatever you ask it to do. When thrown hard on a slight hyzer the Vandal wants to get flat and ride straight. Long and very workable fairway driver. Excellent for short forehand approaches in the woods." - Joshua Johnson

Stamp color will vary. Shade of disc may vary. For example, blue could be a light shade or a dark shade.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Randy VanGorder
Best Woods Disc Ever

The Vandal flies straight with some turn depending on arm speed. Powered up it will hold an anhyser line nicely. I lean on this disc for shot shaping woods shots and hyzer flip shots. The glide is also above average and results in a faster version of the DD Maverick.

Zachary Van Huisen
Still golden

This disc is so solid for me; once I started using this disc (after a Trilogy Challenge) it was a favorite and I still use it in every round I play. For slower speed arms it’s an amazing under stable driver that can get you unique flights. For the Higher speed arms it will be fun to throw flip up hyzer shots. It’s a great disc!!

Caleb. P
Great disc

Perfect for hyzer flip and stall anhyzer

Spencer Hill
Great disc for beginners and rollers

I got this disc when I was starting out and couldn't throw very far and it was a fantastic straight fairway for me then. Now that I can throw over 400 feet it is a fantastic roller. This disc is great for either a beginner or a more experienced player looking for a good roller option. It is a disc that you won't grow out of.

Dakota Villers
Great understable fairway driver

I love the throwing the vandal for shots that would be to short for my Maverick. Throwing in on an anny and it will hold the anhyzer most of the flight and pan out at the end. This is also a great disc to learn how to throw hyzer flips.