Taking someone out for their first round of disc golf is an exciting time for most players. The dream is that this single experience could start our friend or loved one down the same path we've followed, giving them a healthy hobby that opens up a welcoming community relatively few know is there.

For this year's National Disc Golf Day on August 5, Dynamic Discs is encouraging all disc golfers to introduce someone to the sport. And while there's no surefire way to make all first rounds magical, there are plenty of things we can do to make them fun. 

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How to Play Disc Golf with Beginners

Your goal when taking out a first-time disc golfer should be, above all, fun. The easiest way to reach that aim is to Keep. It. Simple.

Ever been to a get-together where someone pulled out a board game and you needed a nap halfway through the rule explanations? Don't make your new disc golfer feel that pain.

Generally, the rules beginner disc golfers need to know are these:

  • What counts as "in" the basket (do a few practice putts)
  • The goal is to get from tee to basket in as few throws as possible and there's no throw limit
  • After the tee shot, they throw from where their disc lands (and they can either use the same disc or a different one)
  • Only one person in the group should throw at a time and the person farthest from the basket throws first
  • Be aware of surroundings and never throw when a person or pet could be endangered


Being a stickler about out-of-bounds rules, mandatories, mini-marker use, and playing precisely from a lie are things that are likely to annoy many beginners. Keeping score should also be optional. While more competitive people might enjoy it, it can make others self-conscious.

Remember: This is fun, not training for league night.

In the same vein, don't go overboard with technique tips. It's probably helpful to teach them to get their pointer finger off the disc's rim during drives, but in most cases, you can stop there.

Of course, if they ask you about specific rules or for more tips, go for it, but try to stay as minimalist as possible. You can find a few simple hints to have in your back pocket in this video with multi-time Pro Disc Golf World Champion Ricky Wysocki (we particularly like the elbow trick at about 1:54):


What's a Good Disc Golf Course for Beginners?

Three factors make for a great beginner disc golf course: 1) low difficulty, 2) short round time, and 3) forgiving rough. With those in mind, the ideal disc golf course for most first-time players would have these qualities:

  • Holes below 200 feet
  • Fairways that are wide and well-maintained
  • Off-fairway areas clear of briars and thick brush 
  • No water deep/wide enough to lose discs


Bonus points if the course is in a pretty spot.

While your community may not have a course that checks all those boxes, keeping them in mind will help you choose a course for a beginner and not for yourself. While experienced disc golfers love spending hours chucking plastic and think nothing of battling briars to get our favorite drivers back, that's not the norm for a first-time player.

Here's what Wysocki, whose Sockibomb Foundation introduces youth to disc golf, told us when we asked for his advice on choosing a course for beginners.

"Don't take people to super long courses where they won't have fun," Wysocki advised. "Do take them somewhere to build confidence where they can have some fun while learning to throw the disc."

If you don't have a very appropriate beginner course nearby, make up short tees at your local track. Be sure to play your round from those tees, too, so you and your new disc golfer can experience the round together.


What Disc Golf Discs Are Best for Beginners?

The best discs for beginners are understandable or neutral. Those discs tend to fly most like what new disc golfers expect, i.e. most like Frisbees. 

For children, seniors, and those without much athletic background, lightweight discs (<165 grams) are also great as they're easier for them to throw with relatively high speed.

To get some examples of great beginner discs, check out what's in our starter sets, all of which are 20% off from July 31 through August 6 in honor of National Disc Golf Day. 

To get even more in-depth, check out our Disc Golf Beginner's Guide and our Beginner's Guide YouTube series.


Share Your Rounds And Follow For A Chance To Win

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