Dynamic Discs

Prime Judge

Speed: How fast the disc flies.
Glide: How long the disc stays in the air.
Turn: How much the disc curves right early in the flight (for RHBH throws).
Fade: How much the disc curves left at the end of the flight (for RHBH throws).

3 reviews
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Disc Color: Yellow
Disc Weight
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Why was the Judge named the 2013 Disc of the Year in the Player's Choice Awards? It is incredibly predictable in flying and hitting the chains. It is a fantastic throwing putter that will fly straight and glide for amazing distances. It comes in several different plastics so that your preferred feel is available in this disc. Come see why this disc has become so popular and judged other, more well-known discs, to be insufficient.
Things you should know

Please note that product images may differ slightly from the actual product. Additionally, the shade of disc color may vary. For example, blue may range from baby blue to sky blue. Foil stamp colors are assorted unless otherwise stated.


Prime will have an incredible feel and excellent grip even when the weather will compromise your hold on your favorite disc. These are all secondary benefits to this incredible line of discs. Our guiding intention was to bring a product to market that was affordable for beginners looking to test the waters.

PDGA Specifications

Max Weight: 176 g
21.2 cm
2 cm
Rim Depth:
1.5 cm
Rim Thickness:
1.1 cm
Inside Rim Diameter:
18.9 cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio:
Rim Configuration:
4.2 kg
Certification Number:
Approved Date:

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Turner
First Putter!

This was the first putter I ever tried, great old school straight shooter!

Favorite Putter

This is my favorite putter of all time. Flies dead straight with a reliable fade at the end. One of the few discs I can throw consistently.

Titus Holloway
Great disc

My favorite putter. Is great for all sorts of shots. I have a flat one and a slightly domed one. The domed flies perfectly for longer shots and the flat is great for putting. Overall 10/10