Latitude 64

BioGold Fuse

Speed: How fast the disc flies.
Glide: How long the disc stays in the air.
Turn: How much the disc curves right early in the flight (for RHBH throws).
Fade: How much the disc curves left at the end of the flight (for RHBH throws).

4 reviews
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Disc Color: Blue
Disc Weight
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FUSE is the most versatile midrange driver we have ever made. Period. Co-designed with our pro Jesper Lundmark, it has a stable and predictable flight path up to 300ft, and will hold long anhyzer curves with minimal fade at the end.
Things you should know

Please note that product images may differ slightly from the actual product. Additionally, the shade of disc color may vary. For example, blue may range from baby blue to sky blue. Foil stamp colors are assorted unless otherwise stated.


BioGold plastic makes disc golf more sustainable. When production of premium plastics like Opto or Gold discs doesn't come out to our high-quality standards they are mixed, melted down and combined to create BioGold. This reduces unnecessary waste and lowers disc golf's carbon footprint. BioGold has great feel, grip, flight, and breaks in a bit faster.

PDGA Specifications

Max Weight: 181.8 g
21.9 cm
2.1 cm
Rim Depth:
1.3 cm
Rim Thickness:
1.3 cm
Inside Rim Diameter:
19.3 cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio:
Rim Configuration:
8.28 kg
Certification Number:
Approved Date:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Rogers
great disc

dependable. goes where i want it to go

BioGold Fuse

Just started and havent tried a lot of discs yet but I really like how this disc feels. Holds a very straight line with my right forehand.

Ethan Lawhorn
Thoughts on the Fuze

I ordered a few different discs, including the Biogold Fuze. In stead I got a Gold Fuze, which is fine with me. I love the disc, and I find it great for lower power shot shaping. I also enjoy somewhat similar, but more overstable discs like the Claymore, and Compass for longer distance shot shaping. All great options.

Gently Understable

I've tried a LOT of "understable mids" and even though many of them have the same (or similar) numbers (-1 0), they tend to turn right over and roll. The Fuse on the other hand, it seems to gently turn and finish straight. The best disc I've seen for this slot since a beat in KC Pro Roc.