Dynamic Discs

Lucid-Ice Culprit Prototype

Speed: How fast the disc flies.
Glide: How long the disc stays in the air.
Turn: How much the disc curves right early in the flight (for RHBH throws).
Fade: How much the disc curves left at the end of the flight (for RHBH throws).
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4 reviews
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Disc Color: Pink
Disc Weight
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The Culprit is a great upshot and approach disc. It can handle any arm speed and holds up well in a headwind. It has a very low profile and small diameter, making it perfect for players with smaller hands who want some beef on their approaches. We suspect you will realize the Culprit is responsible for your improved scores.
Things you should know

Please note that product images may differ slightly from the actual product. Additionally, the shade of disc color may vary. For example, blue may range from baby blue to sky blue. Foil stamp colors are assorted unless otherwise stated.


Lucid Ice is a premium blend of plastics that provides a stiffness between Lucid and Lucid-X. It has great durability, and more overstable flights compared to regular Lucid.

PDGA Specifications

Max Weight: 176.8 g
21.3 cm
1.6 cm
Rim Depth:
1.3 cm
Rim Thickness:
1.2 cm
Inside Rim Diameter:
18.9 cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio:
Rim Configuration:
12.05 kg
Certification Number:
Approved Date:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tanner Slice
Beefy approach disc, everybody needs one!

Very similar to the Innova Toro, and that's a good thing. This is your "I can't mess this approach up" or windy day disc. You can trust it to always fade hard and flatten out on annie. Everybody needs a beef supreme 4 speed and this is a great one!

Russ S
Consistent Culprit

The Culprit flies almost identical to a Zone, but the Zone has never felt good in my hand and Culprit does! If you don't like the feel of a Zone but want an approach disc that does the same thing, the Culprit is for you!

Drayson Macdonald
Great for longer putts

For the low price I got it on the website I would highly recommend adding this disc to your bag as it is a great disc for those longer putt/approach shots that you might not be able to hit with a putter

Very Nice Approach Disc

I find that this is more over stable than a suspect or a zone but not quite as over stable as a justice. I used to use the Justice for this slot but that was just too much for me to handle. This gives me the right amount of left fade to hook around trees but still has some glide. I also love the prototype plastic. more grip than typical lucid.