Allen Luthi

Financial Analyst
Favorite Disc: Latitude 64 Ballista Pro
Favorite Course: Jones East
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Shangri-La
Favorite Musical Artist: The Weeknd
Favorite Movie: Step Brothers
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Kansas City Chiefs
DDO Tee Off Song: Island in the Sun - The Hills
My Dynamic Discs Story: I started playing disc golf in 2017. My first discs that I was introduced to were from Dynamic Discs. Disc golf soon became a big passion of mine and I played every chance I could get. I started working at the Dynamic Discs retail store while attending ESU and worked there for about 2 years. I left the retail store after graduating with my accounting degree. A few years later, a position became open in Dynamic Discs accounting department. I am now at Dynamic Discs again working as a Financial Analyst and I'm happy to be back!