Brian Shintaku

My Dynamic Discs Story: My family's first experience with Dynamic Discs was in 2013 during the Amateur Worlds Disc Golf Championship, hosted in Emporia. My wife, Carly, competed in the tournament and we were extremely impressed on how things were ran and the disc golf family in the town. Over the years my family continued to fall in love with the sport. We remembered our experience in Emporia and thought, "What better place to raise our family?" My family took a leap of faith and made the move to the Emporia area for disc golf and the potential to be a part of the DD family. I put in my application to DD shortly after our move and was fortunate to become a part of this great company. I've started in the shipping department and hope to grow with the company as it evolves with the sport and provides new challenges. As passionate disc golfers, this experience has put us on cloud nine. What else could we ask for? Great courses, great events, great team members, great people, great area, and best of all, plenty of disc! We are excited to help grow the sport with Dynamic Discs!