Clay Houser

Director of IT and Special Projects
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape
Favorite Course: Peter Pan - Emporia, Kansas
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Amanda's Bakery
Favorite Musical Artist: Eminem
Favorite Movie: The Social Network
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Kevin Durant
DDO Tee Off Song: Jump Around - House of Pain
My Dynamic Discs Story: In early 2005, my close childhood friend, Chris Wiggins, introduced me to disc golf. During my freshman year in college in 2007, I began working for Dynamic Discs. At the time, Dynamic Discs was located in a rental house's basement on Center Street. There was not enough work for Chris and I to both work. I stopped working there and still continued to play disc golf. I saw Jeremy Rusco a few times and he encouraged me to check in with him in the spring. I was unsure, but my wife Randielle repeatedly encouraged me to call him back and pursue the opportunity. I rejoined when business picked up in the spring of 2008. I continued working all through college. In 2011, I graduated from ESU with an accounting degree and a minor in information systems. I was challenged with the decision to accept a career for Koch Industries in Wichita or continue to work for Dynamic Discs. I chose Dynamic Discs because I have passion for the company. I have seen the business grow from the bottom and I believe in our future. At Dynamic Discs, I strive to always make proactive decisions that drive positive and sensible results for the company.