Patty Cunningham

Accounting Team
Favorite Disc: TBD
Favorite Course: Hammond Park
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Ichiban
Favorite Musical Artist: Willie Nelson
Favorite Movie: McClintock
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Kansas City Chiefs
DDO Tee Off Song: Free Ride
My Dynamic Discs Story: I played disc golf for the first time in the Emporia Corporate Challenge for my prior employer's team. I was in a group that was paired with a Dynamic Discs team member. He was so nice and encouraging and he did not hesitate to show us how to throw the discs and even let us use his discs for a few throws. His enthusiasm for the sport was contagious.

After losing my last bookkeeping job due to Covid cutbacks, I was fortunate enough to run into a couple of my friends that work at Dynamic Discs. They were so enthusiastic and happy with their employer and they both highly recommended that I apply for the opening in the accounting office. The attitudes of all of the employees that I have worked with and the overall "got your back" team atmosphere that I have experienced in my first weeks has been amazing. I am looking forward to playing disc golf with my co-workers as soon as I can get the hang of throwing. I need a little practice time and lots of pointers.