Register Your Event

If you are interested in running a Trilogy Challenge, please click Register Event and fill out the registration form. We will add your event to the Event Locations Page and additional information will be emailed to you regarding your event. Your event must be between May 25, 2024 and October 27, 2024.

The order minimum is 30 player packs for each event you run and they must be purchased in increments of 15 player packs. Each event comes with a prize pack for the winner(s).

*Want to host an international Trilogy Challenge? Scroll to the bottom!

Incentive for Events with 100+ Players

Each event with 100 or more players will receive a Marksman Basket for their grand prize for FREE! Please read through the following requirements and exceptions:

  • This offer currently only applies to events in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Baskets must ship to a continental U.S. address.
  • Events in Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii must cover shipping on the basket.
  • If you are sent a Marksman Basket for your grand prize, you must keep a minimum of 100 player packs.
  • All 100 or more player packs must be purchased at one time for the Marksman Basket to be included at no charge.

How To Order Player Packs

Player packs will be available for purchase through the Dynamic Discs online store in early May. We will email all TDs a link to purchase player packs for their event no later than a month before their event date.

Trilogy Challenge Player Pack Sales Policy

The Trilogy Challenge was not only designed to get more players out, it was designed for you or your local club to make money. Your efforts to promote the sport and to get more players involved should be financially rewarding.

For this reason, Trilogy Challenge player packs are not allowed to be pre sold online prior to an event. Tournament directors are welcome to sell any leftover packs from their event, but we ask that TDs refrain from preselling packs online. We want to encourage players to go to a local event in order to receive these limited offerings and to support their local disc golf scene, and this policy helps promote local participation.

Buyback Option

After your event is completed, we will buy back any leftover player packs (minimum of 10) within 7 days of your event date. You must still meet the 30 player pack minimum for your event though. For example, if you purchase 45 player packs, the most you can send back is 15 player packs. Keep in mind that the discs in the player packs will be unreleased until this fall so they should be very easy to sell after your event at a profit.

*PLEASE NOTE: You will also be responsible for return shipping on any returned player packs.

Other Links

If you want to offer pre-registration, you will be responsible for that. We have partnered with Disc Golf Scene to offer the best online registration service for Trilogy Challenge events. Click the button below to get the process started.

If you’re looking for a scoring solution for events before June, you can run a single-day league through UDisc. You’ll have an easy check-in process for players and a live updating leaderboard for your tournament for all the participants, fans, and families to follow from their phones or online. Players can track simple scoring or full stats, just like the pros.

Visit our shared Google Drive folder with everything you need for your Trilogy Challenge including a flyer, an editable flyer, and a Facebook cover photo.

*International Trilogy Challenge Events

If you want to host a Trilogy Challenge outside of the continental United States, you will need to pay for the shipping cost.

If you want to host a Trilogy Challenge in Europe, your player packs will be purchased and shipped directly from Latitude 64. After you register your event, we will send you more information on how to purchase player packs. Shipping player packs from Latitude 64 will cut down on transit time and shipping expenses to help your event be more profitable.